flyawaymax didn’t get a fortune in their cookie

I hope one day,
when you’re on a
social media website
and the person who fractured
you appears on your screen
your heart doesn’t feel like it’s
struggling to survive in the middle of
an ocean and your eyes don’t flood the world with sad tears.
Alexa Evangelista | you deserve better (via vodkakilledtheteens)

caitlin and i went out to get booze at 7/11, and the guy at the cash register looks at caitlin, who’s wearing her dalmatian footy-pajamas and he goes “nice leopard dress”

  • me: what a bunch of nerds
  • Seth: hey, none of us have have tattoos of our fandom

  • me: i'd like to go to a bullfight.
  • wes: i'd like to be in a bull run.
  • ben: i'd like to drink redbull.

i just cut my finger on a tape that maria threw at me

17/5/2014 · · 0 notes

  • sheryl: i went away to college and my parents ate my rabbit
  • me: i’d be scarred for life
  • sheryl: i am. that’s what’s wrong with me.