What Dean said/meant:

“It’s in there. It’s just like riding a bike”

“I know you still love me. And I know you’re still the same person I fell in love with. That’ll never change. All you have to do is remember”


T-they’re g-gone… o-oh god… -falls to his knees in pain-

Oh god. I want to see the process of this so bad.

I want to see Castiel’s wings bleeding as they decay and molt; want to see all the agonizing pain he’ll have to endure while losing his grace completely.

I want Dean to see it; want Dean to suffer too. Although I’m sure he won’t, considering he usually tends to do the opposite of what we what him to do when it comes to expressing his feelings. But I want him to see this. Want him to tell Castiel that,

“Hey, it’s okay that you’re human. You know why? Because you mean more to me than your mojo does.”

Castiel would then look at Dean, and though his expression was wrought with pain, somehow that slightly oblivious look of his that he often wore so casually when dealing with unfamiliar human emotions, was still so prominent; his face still stained with tears, old and new, but his eyes still just as intense as they ever were and still so blue, too. Without any hesitation, Castiel would say, “But you always made it evident that I was next to useless without my angelic powers, though, Dean.”

And despite how true that was, Dean only ever made that apparent with his words. Words that he used to hide from the truth. But now that he was being told how clear he made his [faux] feelings, it hurt Dean, hurt him in a way he never thought it would. And after a moment of sorting his thoughts, trying to find the right things to say, he would finally reply to the fallen angel. “You—You know how I—I say stupid things to avoid talking about what’s really going on. I always do. That’s just the way I am. You should know that just as well as Sammy does. All those times I ever spoke down upon you when you were powerless, I never—You’re the farthest thing from being ‘a baby in a trench coat’, Cas. You’re irreplaceable.” And as Dean says all of that, his voice will break every once in a while from choking back on the tears that kept threatening to escape.

Oh look, my response turned into full-on fanfiction just about. That wasn’t supposed to happen, asdfghjkl. Sorry!

Anyway! Obviously none of that dialogue or anything will happen, but I still want Castiel’s wings decaying and for Dean to see it.