cassie took me out to lunch at the chezelle creperie, and omg, it was so good, between the two of us we got

  • brie, bacon, and pesto crepe
  • greek quiche
  • lobster bisque
  • macarons

everything was so good and reasonably priced considering the quality, also everyone who worked there was incredibly nice, dang

10/10 would recommend

i have the same birthday as richard armitage

guy, look at the glasses my roommate got me for my bday

am so happ rn, oh my god

thanks, cassie

at first i thought my parents got me a copy of iron man autographed by greg land and almost pissed myself laughing

but then i looked closer

it’s autographed by Stan Lee

i also got some comics, marvel apparel, a 3DS + Animal Crossing, a tea maker, and the Pacific Rim art book (which won’t be here for a while bc they’re out of them for a while). all of which are fabulous, holy shit am crying bc of everything,