Teen Wolf: S2E3: Ice Pick [thoughts, if you can call them that] 


I can’t 

Why—How is Derek even capable of being that seductive? I mean, he’s obvs manipulatin’ the bitch, but, I mean, in the episode just before this he was trying to distract that chick at the police station by flirting with her and whatnot and he was so incredibly awkward. slksdkfkd When did this suddenly happen, Derek?

he needs to pull those moves over on Stiles, just sayin’.

Also, I don’t like Erica. at all. She’s pretty, I’ll give her that, but she’s a mega!bitch so far. 

AND OH MY GOD, FUCKING YES. PETER. PLEASE. YES GOD. I just. You are coming back and you just—you are, okay? Keep channeling through Lydia, because I love seeing these creepy visions/hallucinations she’s having and also seeing your beautiful ass face is always a nice thing to see.


Jackson is an asshole, I still think he’s that lizard thing. I mean, they said that things sole purpose was to kill, and considering how Jackson is a little rage monster, that sounds about right to me. yup

If this whole Sterek thing doesn’t become canon, I actually wouldn’t mind if Lydia finally got the fuck over Jackson and realized that Stiles is actually a pretty great guy. ksjdlksdlkfj they would be so cute. and like Stiles is the only one that sees all these great aspects in her that she tries to hide from most everyone else. gdi

lastly: Derek, I’m really hoping you’re planning something smart and not just being a power hungry asshole. Because I really like you, and like to believe there’s more to you than what everyone else in this show likes to think. 

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