this is never going to not be funny 


so, for cumberbatch to be doctor strange, he would have to be straight up lying to people asking him direct questions on if he’s playing doctor strange

but it does seem he was probably approached or talked to about the movie, because he seems to know their shooting schedule or something

how is there this much snot inside of me???

I have used almost an entire role of toilet paper today, alone

the problem with rasputin being a hipster is misleading bc

he’s so mainstream, they found him in a river

my dad just called,

he told me that all he thought about while he was in the hospital last week, was about how horrible he was to me, and how much he hated himself for all he’d done.

he knows apologies don’t make up for what’s been said in the past,

but things are going to change, 

and that he owes me so much.

he can’t live with the thought of me hating him, i mean so much to him, he has problems, we all know that, he’s mentally unstable most times, but he’s going to work on it to be a better person for all of us.

corinne was mad at me for not getting ready

twenty minutes later, i’m showered and dressed

she’s still on the computer, in her pjs

"oh, i guess i should go get ready"

gee, you think?

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haha, i haven’t made any progress on this piece and the goal was to have it finished by tonight


sad men in tight clothing
i was looking up stuff about the commander rogers outfit and i discovered the original designer quit a few years back but his explanation of why he quit contains easily my favorite description of marvel comics ever (via americachavez)