Oscar 2013 interview with Christoph ‘I’m the sassiest motherfucker here’ Waltz


Michael Fassbender | MTV Movie Awards 2012

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Downey and Ruffalo talk kids and who’s “The Hulk” in bed. E! News from TV 4-16-12

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New Avengers Assemble behind the scenes sneak peek.

  • CHRIS EVANS: I think without Tony, we don't work. He really is the glue in the family. He is the fire, the thing that keeps you coming back. I think, at least for this movie, Cap's struggling with finding his footing in this modern day -– he's a fish out of water. He's a little more uncomfortable in his own skin than he normally might be, and he's not hitting the ground running without the charisma and the leadership and the character that Tony Stark is.
  • ROBERT DOWNEY JR.: Well, maybe you're right, if you put it that way. Okay. But I think that's the other thing too. What Joss, Kevin (Feige) and the creative team has been able to do, is make it so that nothing is predictably definitive. I remember that one of my earliest concerns with this was, "Haven't we done this ‘it's a bunch of superheroes together but they're a dysfunctional family' thing before?" But it has transcended that in a lot of ways. Obviously there is only one person whose name is Captain, and if you have a squad of people, there is a time where we need his prowess in terms of things that require actual strategy and military stuff, in what is essentially a war that we are trying to avert, of sorts. So I think that that's really valuable.

Further proof that Chris Evans is a RDJ fanboy 

  • Q: Is there something either of you do in this film that perhaps you haven’t done in your solo films that excites you that you’re getting to do it now?
  • Evans: Working with Robert DOWNEY JR.
  • Downey Jr: And for me, just getting to work with myself again is just a treat. This time, it’s just me and me. Christ! What do you get to do? You get to do some crazy fucking shit.
  • Evans: I mean it when I said it: Robert Downey Jr.

I’m extremely fond of Chris Evans and I think he is one of the most underrated actors out there. I watch him and I think to myself, here is a guy who is wearing a stretchy American flag suit and I absolutely believe him. How is he doing this? The other thing I love about Chris is that he’s kind of this tough guy from Boston, but he also is a sensitive artist who really has an opinion. Our characters are very connected because Steve Rogers was close with Howard Stark and there’s something definitive and tangible about their relationship. If Steve Rogers and Tony Stark’s relationship doesn’t work, then the film doesn’t work.
Robert Downey Jr (If Steve Rogers And Tony Stark’s Relationship Doesn’t Work, Then THE AVENGERS Doesn’t Work)