possibly getting my head shaved tomorrow night and tattooed on friday

the guy who directed the spider-man reboot movies also directed a vast majority of the my chemical romance music videos

at Matt’s parents’ place for brunch and omg they made so much food for us aaaaaaaah

i can hear people talking really loudly and it’s only like 5am?? I can’t tell if it’s outside or downstairs, I’m so confused

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considering going to bed now and getting up early to work on things I actually need to work on??

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matt just started jiggling around and I was v confused,

he was trying to take his pants off without using his hands

laughing bc there’s a transformer named “thundercracker”

"is there anyone else I can hand this to, Mr. Stark?"

this delivery man has got his game on

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For some reason I’ve been seeing a lot of Civil War news on my dash and I just have to say that Im really disappointed in Kevin Feige for allowing this kind of bullshit to even theoretically happen in the MCU… and if it does happen, there will be riots… like I know the comic is coming out next year which is infuriating enough, but I heard that Cap 3 is supposed to set up the Civil War story line for the movies and I am not about that