and after a long talk, he said he’d go

17/9/2014 · · 0 notes

a friend of mine is getting married on halloween

i don’t want to go alone, and matt wanted to do things with people who aren’t me again this halloween, haha thanks

today was the funeral

I’m still upset that I couldn’t afford to fly or drive down to texas for it, but I sent her nice flowers, so at least it’s something

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spending the day watching spn and movies w Matt while I work on studio projects, ey

rewatched “Her” to get ideas for a movie poster and forgot how sad that movie was, holy shit.

now I’m just really sad

I was super annoyed that I could hear people shouting and conversing so loudly outside, thinking it was after midnight by now.

Just got in bed and looked at my phone to see it’s on 8:40pm. oh

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what the fucj did I just watch

watching thundercrack tonight

so, my leg is definitely infected

they’re not entirely sure what it is, it might be staff?

they took a sample and are going to run some tests on it, I’ll find out results within the next few days

in the meantime, they gave me antibiotics and topical cream to use on it