cory just bought me a bunch of comfort food

i’m crying so hard, the tears and snot just keep coming out of me

he doesn’t know what he wants out of this relationship, he thinks maybe we should just be friends, but he doesn’t know, he can’t decide

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I’m so tired and we’re the last group to meet with the instructor, it feels like it’s taking forever

i have class in less than an hour and i haven’t fallen asleep yet,


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Brittany is so nice, holy shit.

she lives nearby and was talking about how she makes too much food for herself all the time and that she’d bring some over for me since I have so much school work and not enough time to do much of anything else.

rode too many rides, I feel like I’m gonna vom

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we were waiting in line to ride the “rock star” when this girl says “I think you’re my cousin, are you my cousin? She’s a super model and looks just like you”

aaaah, no, sorry. I don’t have any relatives out here, thanks for thinking I’m a model tho.