rewatched “Her” to get ideas for a movie poster and forgot how sad that movie was, holy shit.

now I’m just really sad

I was super annoyed that I could hear people shouting and conversing so loudly outside, thinking it was after midnight by now.

Just got in bed and looked at my phone to see it’s on 8:40pm. oh

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anxiously waiting for 5pm to get here, hoping that she’ll just come to and be like “jk guys, i’m not dead” but haha, i doubt that’s going to happen

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just found out that a friend of mine got into a really bad car wreck and is now brain dead, they’re calling it at five and i’m not there

i mean, i know i didn’t know her as well as the other friends of mine that were close to her, but it’s still a friend dying and i don’t know what to do—what can i do? 

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so, yesterday when i went to the clinic i had a fever and i’m not sure whether or not it was because of the infection but now i’m really worried?? they took a swab test and are waiting on results but it’ll be a few days

my leg feels funny and i’m not eating, i haven’t eaten in a few days, and after finally eating today, i wound up feeling really nauseous

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searched “eye” in google images and found this:


so, my dog, hsibam my babh, i s really sick, we’re waiting on rsesults (whihc will be here tomorrow)

matt said if she’s supe r sick, he’d drive me down to texas just o see her

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the majority of my day was really shitty, but it’s ending on a much nicer note:

got some talenti gelato and now matt’s playing “come and get your love” on his guitar