feeling really shitty today,

I think I’m just going to crawl into bed or smth

so glad my history of jazz class was let out early enough for me to make it down to the drafthouse and see the trash film known as “the abomination” w matt and jaclyn

he doesn’t want to do Halloween w me again this year


25/8/2014 · · 0 notes

so much dairy, not even the lactaid was able to save me

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cassie took me out to lunch at the chezelle creperie, and omg, it was so good, between the two of us we got

  • brie, bacon, and pesto crepe
  • greek quiche
  • lobster bisque
  • macarons

everything was so good and reasonably priced considering the quality, also everyone who worked there was incredibly nice, dang

10/10 would recommend

it’s almost as if chris evans knew today was my birthday and wore a suit in that als ice bucket challenge just for me

i have the same birthday as richard armitage

i in one of those moods where i really don’t want to be around anyone but there isn’t a place where i can go to be alone and i hate it

roommate be like: should my fursona be a deer?

and I’m just sitting there like “bitch, I’ve been a deer, don’t you dare take that from me as well”