ugh I just want this day to be over with already

I don’t have anything for my graphic form class since my computer wiped all my files and then shit itself, I haven’t slept bc that’s all I can think about (and worrying about what I’m going to do if my computer continues to not function, like my classes revolve around that thing gdi)

tech issues aside, I somehow managed to lose my vintage photo redraws before scanning them in for class, so, another critique I’m not prepared for

go me

my dad just called,

he told me that all he thought about while he was in the hospital last week, was about how horrible he was to me, and how much he hated himself for all he’d done.

he knows apologies don’t make up for what’s been said in the past,

but things are going to change, 

and that he owes me so much.

he can’t live with the thought of me hating him, i mean so much to him, he has problems, we all know that, he’s mentally unstable most times, but he’s going to work on it to be a better person for all of us.

tired of selfies?

deal with it.

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positive things that happened today:

  • i got some sleep even though it’s going to mean nothing after tonight’s all-nighter
  • i got a new sketchbook to do 30 day monster girl and gore challenges in over spring break (shhhh, i know it’s only a week long break, but still, it’ll get me started)
  • corinne exists

i am having so much trouble motivating myself to do anything right now

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thus far, he’s had 21+ breathing treatments and pumped full of drugs,

they’re keeping him overnight and might release him tomorrow.

apparently they have a nurse check in on him frequently to “make sure he’ll wake up,” haha, oh.

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