Teen Wolf: S2E3: Ice Pick [thoughts, if you can call them that] 


I can’t 

Why—How is Derek even capable of being that seductive? I mean, he’s obvs manipulatin’ the bitch, but, I mean, in the episode just before this he was trying to distract that chick at the police station by flirting with her and whatnot and he was so incredibly awkward. slksdkfkd When did this suddenly happen, Derek?

he needs to pull those moves over on Stiles, just sayin’.

Also, I don’t like Erica. at all. She’s pretty, I’ll give her that, but she’s a mega!bitch so far. 

AND OH MY GOD, FUCKING YES. PETER. PLEASE. YES GOD. I just. You are coming back and you just—you are, okay? Keep channeling through Lydia, because I love seeing these creepy visions/hallucinations she’s having and also seeing your beautiful ass face is always a nice thing to see.


Jackson is an asshole, I still think he’s that lizard thing. I mean, they said that things sole purpose was to kill, and considering how Jackson is a little rage monster, that sounds about right to me. yup

If this whole Sterek thing doesn’t become canon, I actually wouldn’t mind if Lydia finally got the fuck over Jackson and realized that Stiles is actually a pretty great guy. ksjdlksdlkfj they would be so cute. and like Stiles is the only one that sees all these great aspects in her that she tries to hide from most everyone else. gdi

lastly: Derek, I’m really hoping you’re planning something smart and not just being a power hungry asshole. Because I really like you, and like to believe there’s more to you than what everyone else in this show likes to think. 

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Teen Wolf: S2E2: Shape Shifted [thoughts, if you can call them that] 

Okay, so.

I don’t understand why Scott thinks that if he’s with Derek, he can’t see Allison. Why would she have a problem with that? I mean, if being with Derek means protection and knowledge on how to control himself and use his power to the fullest—why the fuck would that be a bad thing? It’ll keep Scott from getting his shit slapped by her gradpappy.

Speaking of her grandpa, I don’t see why Allison’s dad doesn’t turn against him—he obviously doesn’t agree with his father’s reasoning, so he and Allison should just team up with Derek (and maybe Scott) and take the old man down. 

but then I guess there wouldn’t be much of a series left if that happened.


AND THAT SCENE IN THE CAR, the one with Derek and Stiles.

When Derek says “I’m thinking about punching you in the face”,

I believe what he actually meant to say was “I’m thinking about punching you in the face with my lips

I also was really hoping for Derek to save Stiles from the hunter dude who posed as a cop. I still say he kind of saved Stiles, considering Isaac was probably going to claw his face up if Derek hadn’t of snarled at him.

and yeah

sorry I keep posting Teen Wolf thoughts.

Teen Wolf: S2E1: Omega [thoughts, if you can call them that] 

I was really hoping that they were robbing organs from fresh corpses to somehow help Peter regenerate or some shit.



dat old man, Gerard or whatever, I want to push him down a flight of stairs.

I mean, really? “fuck the code, them sons of bitches killed my daughter”

Excuse me, sir, but you’re daughter was a bitch that set a house full of innocent lives on fire. She broke the code first, if anything.

I still like Allison’s dad. I hope he puts that old man in place. sdkljskjflkj

Also, I really hope that since Jackson’s body is rejecting the bite, that he either a). dies (which seems unlikely) or b). turns into something stupid instead

Is it too soon to assume that Lydia is also rejecting whatever Peter did to her? Or can I still go along with the grave-robbing to bring him back theory? I really want this to happen, okay.

on a side note, I’m pretty sure Stiles is my spirit animal,

pretty sure.

Now I really want to draw fanart of Derek just staring at everyone from creepy hiding places. Or just draw Peter.

and if it weren’t for the fact that Mr. Harris was such a dick, I would want to draw him all the time, too. and for whatever reason I think he’s more of a dick than Peter is. what is wrong with me?

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This is a beautiful day for Destiel fans. 


That. Episode. Christ. I think I’m in shock from all the gayness. Totally need to re-watch. Like 3 or 4 times.

“Dude showed up naked, covered in bees.”

“He was your boyfriend first.”

“I’d rather have you, cursed or no.”

“I’m probably going to die…”

“I’ll go with you.”

Because no matter how crazy or broken Castiel is, he will always follow Dean into death.

Destiel, your ship is sailing beautifully.

It’s funny how nobody remembers when Dean told Castiel that

"You let these friggin’ things in. So you don’t get to make a sandwich. You don’t get a damn cat. Nobody cares that you’re broken, Cas. Clean up your mess.”

I’m sorry, I’m a DeanCas shipper, but I can’t let that go.