kick-ass 2 looks sooo good and all the villains look like they’re unintentionally wearing BDSM gear 

"I’ve always had a bit of a crush on Robert Downey Jr., but that’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?" 


Jude Law, when asked about who is his man crush, while being interviewed for Side Effects (x).

Oscar 2013 interview with Christoph ‘I’m the sassiest motherfucker here’ Waltz


robert downey jr should just get all the oscars

  • best picture: robert downey jr
  • best makeup: robert downey jr
  • best bow tie: robert downey jr
  • best leading actress: robert downey jr
  • best supporting actor: robert downey jr
  • best animated film: robert downey jr
  • best leading actor: tony stark



every person who reblogs this i will write your url/name down in a book titled “PEOPLE WHO THINK YOU SHOULD HAVE WON AN OSCAR” and send it to Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Q: Speaking of fun. Where's my Cap/Tony comic of the day?
  • me: I do hope you know what you're doing by putting that slash there.

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